Sunday, August 28, 2011

Aqua Incognita

The rest of the solar system to come (possibly even more) :D Please everyone feel to share these around, just keep the watermark on them :)
These images are created though a refraction process.

A quick explanation:
When a round clear object (in this case a drop of water) is placed exactly between an image and the viewer, a much smaller rounded image will appear inside the clear round object.
So based on the size of the image of the planet I used (placed behind the waterdrop) and the angle of my lens, we end up with a depiction of the planet in question refracted into the waterdrop.

Light must be frontal or slightly to the side, unfortunately backlighting these is not much of an option.
If light is not hitting the image in the background, no image will be captured in the drop. So first we expose for the reflective water, and then consider the amount of light on the background image.

And of course, really first we need the amazing image Nasa provides us with. So make sure to show some support to the JWT.

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