Friday, December 2, 2011

"compact macro" is not macro

Basic lesson for today canon's "compact maco" while being a cute little fixed lens is NOT a true 1:1 macro. Years ago I let Canon fool me an purchased a compact macro.
Its been a very nice little non macro lens since then, but there are times when I want nothing more than to take an actual macro image.

About a week ago I ordered 3 extension tubes from China for a total of $8 (I really hope they were not made in prison camps).
This order was to assist me in making a decision about whether or not I could handle the near microscopic MP-E 65mm f/2.8 1-5X Macro lens. Its an insane lens. There are no others like it. And I wanted it (one can always turn a broken lens backward to achieve a similar effect but not like this lens).

The thing about getting that close is that any motion at all, even someone walking in the room next to the one youre in can cause you to lose your focus.

The same goes for my massive stack of extension tubes, Oh and there is no auto focus /focus assist.

With that said heres some fooling around in my kitchen from tonight...these images are not cropped down.

The bug is a gnat being eaten by a sundew.

These drops are therefore slightly smaller than a gnat's head. and my DOF is therefore also slightly "smaller" than a gnat's head.
the Plant is called Eater, aka Drosera Capensis, aka cape sundew