Thursday, February 9, 2012

Commissioned For Print :)

Some people photography.
Model: Madison Montag


  1. dis_cote@yahoo.comWednesday, March 07, 2012

    I checked out your photo in the Nude Revolution Calendar. You look great nude. Its very satisfying to see your exposed much detail when I zoom in on your vulva. its great how you keep your pubic hair trimmed so everyone can see your outer labia so clearly. And your breasts are lovely too. Again, great staring at your nipples. Thanks for providing a nude photo on the internet!

    1. I don't actually trim, it just grows that way! Cool huh?
      And yeah I used the best lens that I owned at the time, but its a little soft all the same. I was however pleased with the focus as well. I've sence managed to purchase a 70mm-300mm "L" series that is insanely sharp, I am extremely pleased with it. Probably wouldn't have been practical for this sort of "in studio" work though, being that 70mm is still pretty long.
      Its not the first nude of me on the internet, it may be the last, sorry you missed the others.

      Oh, also, you seem to like the dirty a little, so maybe this will amuse you as much as it amused me, the light I have providing backlight is modified with with a device called a "snoot". Its always sounded sort of like some retro sex toy to me.

  2. Please out of courtesy to our crumbling family, remove the picture of the home wrecker holding my husband's name. It's enough that she tore our lives apart - does she really have to use his commission as a cottage industry?