Thursday, April 26, 2012

Photo fun with roommate!

While shooting some objects in low light conditions last night I decided to have a little messing around photo fun time with my awesome roommate, so now you all get to hear how its done.

This is a single image, no photoshop other than to crop. Which is cool for two reasons:
1.) I have a super pretty awesome roommate
2.) In case it has escaped your notice this is not a standard writing in the dark / slow shutter speed image, my pretty roommate is perfectly visible and clear.

This is basically a fun "party trick" use of stopmotion.

The shutter left open for a full minute, with a single flash fire.
As with my other explanations of stopmotion the clear image is created by the short duration of the flash.
Only after the flash has fired, and the shutter remains open, the subject begins writing, or drawing or whatever.

The part of the image is that a crisp shot of my roommate is created with the flash, the process goes as such:

  1. Focus camera with lights on
  2. Turn off camera and make sure there is NO visible light
  3. Open shutter (begin taking photo)
  4. Subject is posed
  5. Flash any flash once
  6. Have subject begin writing
  7. Immediately extinguish any light once writing is finished and close shutter.

The result you see above is created as so.
Were I to trigger my flash twice with my subject in two different poses we would have an image with two crisp, albeit possibly slightly transparent roommates, in a single shot.

You can trigger your flash as many times as you like, creating as many clear, separate images as you like. Anything the flash hits will be "frozen" by the flash.

While this is a fairly simplistic demonstration of this trick, complex beautiful images can be created as such.
Alternativelyallowing some light continuous light will illuminate your location, and result in a ghostly transparent but clear image of your subject.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Self Portrait

The most self indulgent aspect of art. 
The Self-Portrait. 
I was long overdue for a new one of these.