Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Perfume and the refractive index

(Warning, there is absolutely no exceptional photography here, these images are just for learnin')

I never thought I would blog about perfume, but after being gifted with a bottle of very pricey stuff I noticed something. Something very cool.

Something to do with light and SCIENCE!

Objects have a refractive index, if an object has a very similar refractive index to another object it becomes INVISIBLE!
(big version)

Make note of the diptube, it becomes invisible when submerged in perfume. Which is awesome.
Have a closeup

Apparently being able to see the diptube is considered trashy, so a few years ago MeadWestvaco Calmar created a diptube to meet the rigorous demands of fancy perfume buyers. One that is INVISIBLE!

While this post has little to do with the photographic applications, it is an awesome example of similar refractive indexes.

Stay tuned for photos that are actually awesome that use this technique.