Friday, September 14, 2012

Great news! I am being featured in an art show.

The date: September 27th
The occasion: Awesomeness

I need to sell 20 tickets before the 24th, and it occurs to me that because of my travels I have people all over the world who like my work, but will be unable to attend the event.

So here is the deal, if you buy a ticket I will offer you 10% off any shoot, or print(s), or product. Good for shoots for up to a year, and prints forever, but limited to a single purchase (collections and products included).

If you've been considering buying a print, or print collection this will help both of us out, and make me feel loved and supported.
Just save your e-ticket, and redeem any time :)

And of course if you can make it out to the art show, I am happy to honor this offer this, plus the regular discount I offer at shows. And you get the added benefit of coming to an awesome show!

For those of you who didnt catch the hyperlinks here is a plain text one:

Just make sure I am selected as the artist you are supporting, I'm greedy like that.

Its bound to be an awesome show, and I hope to see a giant amorphous mass of friends and supporters. 

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