Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I can now officially say you are reading the blog of the Las Vegas Photographer of the year!

In other bright news I have opened a new studio at 1115 S. Casino Center blvd. In the Arts district of Las Vegas.
I hope anyone who stops by here to check in for new tips and tricks will forgive my lack of posts, Ive been busy opening the studio, and being a boss winning awards and such.

The studio is open for private lessons, and I hope to see some inquisitive minds come by to say hello.


  1. So sad, all the excitement over anew studio only to get f*cked. Gawd why haven't I wont he lottery yet?! How great would it be to buy out some one like that, who doens't realize what they have - refurbish those studios and put a little loft in there in case artists really did need/want to sleep in their studio - - - so much potential!