Monday, October 28, 2013

Sara and Mallorie have adventures.

A dear friend of mine has moved to Las Vegas. She also happens to be an amazing model. Together we have formed an unstoppable duo. Nothing can stop us now. Below are the results of our adventures. In order, in the month of September to mid October.

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First we (totally serious) just kinda went out on the town, after all its been about 8 years since we last worked together.

Next we played with my Plague Doctor Mask!
I made this last Halloween and have been wanting to do a creepy shoot with it for a year now!

Sara is, if you have not noticed covered in tattoos, we spent an awesome night photographing those.

The below is our conception of sexy pictures. We were playing around after making some headshots (not shown here) and these just sort of happened.

And lastly yesterday we played around on the UNLV campus, we both are really versatile, but for some reason people see tattooed girls and "dark" photos and think thats all you can make. So I with my punk ethos intact, and Sara with her goth cred hidden where no one could find it, went out and took some simple pretty photos, because we can. 

Thats about all for now, but rest assured, there will be more.